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  • Making Progress on the Hill
    One year later, 110 members of Congress are co-sponsors of the Military Readiness Enhancement Act: more...

    Don't Ask Don't Tell
    Money wasted on Gay Ban could actually could buy enough body armor vests to outfit the entire American fighting force in Iraq: more...

    Pat Kutteles Takes a Stand
    Mother of slain soldier Barry Winchell responds to anti-gay attack at Fort Huachuca Army Base: more...

    National Coming Out Day
    American Veterans for Equal Rights wants a million veterans to come out of the closet, for the 65,000 LGBT service members who can't: more...

    Gay Soldiers Head to Iraq
    Pentagon order ignores 'don't ask don't tell', but only when gay soldiers are needed to put their lives on the line: more...

    Military Support Grows
    Majority of Junior Enlisted Personnel Say Gays Should Serve Openly: more...

    Barry Winchell
    Visit the Winchell Memorial Site.

    Out in Force
    Sexual Orientation & the Military: Get it from Barnes and Noble